For many reasons, some clients find that they are unable to travel with their pets or have a medical emergency that requires someone else to care for their pets. Westside Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer only the best boarding services for your pet during their stay at our facilities.

We offer separate areas for dogs and cats, keeping them separated during exercise and feeding times as well. This eliminates undue stress on a pet that is not used to another species of domestic pet. All pets are kept in comfortable, climate controlled kennels. They are given regular exercise times. Only the best food and fresh water is provided during their stay, and special diets are taken into consideration. If your pet experiences a medical issue while in our facility, the veterinarians will be notified and appropriate action will be taken.

In order to stay at our facility, your pet must be current on all vaccinations and free of fleas and ticks. If your pet is not current on these services, at the time you schedule your pet’s stay, you can arrange to have the necessary services provided.

We believe in practicing high-quality medicine and spending time getting to know our clients and their special four-legged family members.


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