Veterinary Technician

Debbie Hartsfield

My name is Debbie Hartsfield and I have worked in the veterinary field since 1990. I actually started my career here at Westside Veterinary Clinic working for Drs Bert and Sally. My husband's career in the Army moved us to Texas in 1993. I continued to work at a veterinary clinic there and trained to be a veterinary technician. I find it very rewarding to work with pets and their families. My goal is to help pets live a good quality life for as long as they can. When we moved back to DeRidder I returned to work at Westside Veterinary Clinic. I live with my husband Kevin, three Dobermans, Manfred, Rommel, Keegan and two cats Rose and Buttercup. In my spare time I enjoy training and competing in agility trials with my Dobermans.


Christa Kokaram

My name is Christa Kokaram and I am married to my middle school sweetheart Rey. I have two children, Christian and Jada and we have two wonderful little miniature pinschers named Pinch and Honda. My hobbies are fishing, motorcycles rides and spending lots of time with my family. I consider myself truly blessed to be working at Westside Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Bert and Dr. Sally Coco.

Veterinary Assistant

Katie Burgess

My name is Katie Burgess. I'm a member of Hargrove Bible Baptist Church. I was raised to always put God first. I'm truly blessed with this life He has given me. I'm a 2016 graduate from South Beauregard. My hobbies are barrel racing, roping, penning cattle and hunting. I would like to thank The Coco's for giving me this opportunity.